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The Definitive Dental Meridians App

The oral/systemic relationship is not only physical but energetic. Help your patients understand this concept through the only online tooth chart powered by naturopath-vetted data.

An essential patient education resource, the Definitive Dental Meridians App is designed to embed seamlessly into your existing website.

It’s stylish. It’s sleek. It’s fast. It’s reliable. It can even be customized to match your site’s branding!

Perfect for biological dentists, hygienists, integrative and naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, homeopathic doctors, nutritionists, and other holistic health and wellness professionals.

Try it for yourself now with the demo below!

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Features & Benefits
You will be notified one month before your subscription is set to expire. Do nothing, and your subscription will automatically renew each year until you decide that the app is no longer right for you and you choose to cancel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Definitive Dental Meridians App is the only such resource that has been thoroughly vetted by a naturopathic doctor. It’s also the only interactive app that’s customizable to reflect your practice’s own branding and designed to be updated regularly and automatically.

The tooth/body relationships displayed on the app are those that were mapped out by Dr. Reinhold Voll and vetted by naturopath and integrative practitioner Dr. Dawn Ewing.

The app can be installed by your own webmaster or we can install it for you for a nominal fee.

Just send us a support ticket or even give us a call at 888-405-4092. One of our techs will reach out to you to solve the issue.

If we haven’t received payment before your subscription expires, it will automatically be removed from your website. If you wish to renew after the expiration date, just send us a support ticket or give us a call at 888-405-4092 to have your subscription reinstated.

The Definitive Dental Meridians App was developed by Stand Tall Media, LLC, a digital marketing company that specializes in serving holistic health and wellness professionals, especially holistic and biological dentists.